What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is an ideal and economical solution for those who want to run multiple websites. In shared hosting, the system administrator manages the server and also the websites to make sure that they are running securely. The webmaster of each site will not have individual access to all of the root files.

As small-sized businesses or startups of personal websites don't use all of the features and resources available to them, shared hosting is a great option for hosting your site.

There are many types of web hosting services, and the most used type of hosting services is shared hosting. Other types of hosting services include VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated servers.

Some of the benefits of using shared hosting services are as follows:

  • Shared hosting plans come much cheaper compared to dedicated hosting and VPS which means that even websites for personal blogging and small businesses can afford it.
  • The administration and maintenance of the server are taken care of by the hosting provider which means that you don’t need to concern yourself with technical issues of the server.
  • You get to be provided with a cPanel or other user-friendly application that is designed to make website management easy.
  • You get multiple email accounts at your own domain as well as the option to have more than one database.
  • You get MySQL and PHP support.

Is Shared Hosting good for Startups and Small business:

Shared hosting is the right solution for small businesses and startups to have an online presence without the need of spending more money. Shared hosting is very cheap as MilesWeb Shared Hosting starts at Rs 40/Month.

This means that basically everyone can be online. Moreover, many startups are looking for small business web hosting at an affordable price.

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